Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pirates did THEIR job

Well my wonderful scenario didn't come true. No three way tie for first place in the NL Central.

And if Francisco Cordero hadn't blown two saves, you'd have four teams within 2 games of first. But hey! Don't blame the Pirates. They won and won convincingly today.

They are 4 games above .500 and tied with the Brewers and the Cardinals in the loss column.

I know the team is thinking Division Lead at this point... but think about it.
The Pirates have 72 games left.

If they go 35-37 the rest of the way, they will finish the season 82-80.

A winning season!

No more "They haven't had a winning season since Francisco Cabrera" stories.
The first step to a changed culture.

Come on Bucs!
Just be mediocre the rest of the way!
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  1. I hope the Pirates win the division. As a Sox fan I was hoping the Brew Crew would win, then I realized a lot of Brewer fans are Packer fans, so, the 'ell with 'em.