Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Pirates are in first place by themselves... read that sentence again

No ties.
No percentage points.
No "tied in the loss column."

The Pittsburgh Pirates are alone on top of the standings. And guess what? Day after tomorrow it is LATE JULY.

You know, the time when teams make deals to make themselves better for the stretch run?
Usually it is the time when other teams pick apart the dead carcass of the Pirates looking for spare parts.

This year?
They are in first place.

There must be a spare part or two they can acquire.
I'm not talking about Jose Reyes or Ubaldo Jimenez.

But a bat... a reliever...
Just to show their fans ONE YEAR they actually bring a big leaguer into Pittsburgh instead of shipping them out.

Come and savor it, Pirates fans.
Look at the standings.

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  1. Pittsburgh from Brian6:40 AM

    Sully, I think I'm going to cry...its..its..beautiful!

  2. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that the Cubs will NOT make the playoffs this season.