Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some more thoughts during Jury Duty

Well friends my number wasn't called. I didn't have to act like an unstable lunatic during Jury Selection. I spent the day in a room in Los Angeles (why not Pasadena, near my home?)

I did some work.
And I contact some people for work reasons via e mail.

And if course I thought a lot about baseball.

I had a few more thoughts...


He's not coming to the Giants. It makes all the sense in the world and he would be the perfect fit. Therefore I don't think it will happen. The Mets want the world for him, or at least SOMEONE who will be a major leaguer in 2012. And some team will give up too much for him.

If the White Sox were closer in contention, it wouldn't surprise me to see them over pay for him.

I for one think the Angels are a great fit for him, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him go to Atlanta.


Well the Giants felt that Emmanuel Burriss wasn't the ideal starting first baseman for a World Series defense. So Jeff Keppinger, you have been released from the baseball purgatory that is 2011 Houston. The Giants will be his 5th team in 7 big league seasons, so we aren't talking about the second coming of Roberto Alomar.

But he can hit.
AND this is his first meaningful second half of the season. Guys with a lot to play for are good to have on a playoff team.

It's a nice first move for the Giants. Now get that bat.


I'm not saying deal your best player for Carlos Lee... but if you are a team that is making an unlikely run at a playoff spot (I'm looking at YOU Cleveland and Pittsburgh) or a chance to put a contender over the hump (I'm looking at YOU Atlanta, Detroit and Texas)... or even move an elite team into "All Time Greatest Team in the history of the franchise" territory (I'm looking at YOU Boston, Philadelphia and San Francisco) why let the FUTURE get in the way?

Yes, sometimes it can come back and haunt you. But for every Jeff Bagwell or John Smoltz dealt, there are many more players like Jason Jarvis, Melvin Nieves and Brandon Moss sent packing.

How many more pennants could the Angels have won had they been willing to part with the Dallas McPhersons and Brandon Woods and Jeff Mathises of the world when they had value.

For a team that needs to wake up a dormant fan base, it sends the message to the fans that "We are trying to win right now" and maybe get some new memories for fan who have been indifferent for too long. Think the Brewers made the wrong decision dealing Matt LaPorta for CC Sabathia in 2008?

The fans of Milwaukee had their first memorable pennant race since Paul Molitor and Robin Yount were active in 1992, when they lost the Division to Toronto.

Using my "You follow a team when you turn 7" rule, every Brewers fan 23 years old and younger in 2008 got their first taste of meaningful games in September.

For every Brewers fan 33 years old and younger it was their first experience of a playoff team.

That's worth Matt LaPorta. Even if Matt LaPorta worked out, it was worth Matt LaPorta.
Sometimes it is WORTH giving up a good player.

Yeah the Red Sox could use Hanley Ramirez and Anibal Sanchez. Guess what?
It was worth it for Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell.

Again, I'm not saying be reckless. But sometimes a great present is worth risking some future. ESPECIALLY when the odds are whomever you give up will not be better than a meaningful October.

Think about Pittsburgh where 26 year olds are too young to remember a good Pirates team. A little bit of that future that has been promised to them their whole lives is worth positive memories (and good gate receipts and merchandise sales) for the present.

Well my jury time is up.
They never even called my name.
I was all ready to ask unreasonable question during the jury selection process.

Ah well... next time when I'm called for civic duty.

Red Sox are already losing to the Orioles and the Pirates are already winning.
I've got a whole night of baseball to watch.

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  1. Good points about trading prospects for guys, but Giants held onto their pitching and won it all last season...

  2. I agree. I am talking about a big "over the top" deal. I'm not saying deal Zach Wheeler for Scott Hairston.

    But if there is a great deal that could make the difference ( a la the Sabathia trade or Houston's deal for Beltran) you should make it