Wednesday, September 21, 2011

For Red Sox fans, tonight was like the end of Jurassic Park

It was a bizarre night for Red Sox fans. The Sox blew a late lead and lost the 4 game series and the home finale to the supposedly lowly Orioles.

And the Yankees won a pair of games… once clinched a spot in the playoffs and the next clinched the American League East.

It’s a disaster… right?
Well not really. Most days you would want to have your team carve 2 off of the Magic Number.

And oddly something good happened when the Yankees stunned the Rays twice and the Red Sox benefitted despite not doing anything positive.

Remind you of any movie?
It’s the end of Jurassic Park!

(Spoiler Alerts for a movie that came out 18 years ago.)

Sam Neill, Laura Dern and the kids are trying to escape the raptors. No matter what they try, they can’t get away from them. Injured and exhausted they are surrounded by the resilient raptors who managed to open doors and sneak through vents to get them.

And then, when all hope is lost, how did the heroes win?
By just standing there and letting the T-Rex eat the raptors. Now the T-Rex is bigger, scarier and earlier in the movie was the source of terror.

But in the end it was the very thing that saved their butts.

Here’s the analogy…
The Rays are the raptors. Tough, sneaky and clever and probably scarier than you thought going into the movie.

The Yankees are the T-Rex. The scariest dinosaur from our childhood and the big beast that can crush anyone and fears no one.

The Red Sox are Sam Neill, Laura Dern and the kids. Just trying to survive and get on that helicopter off the island. They won even though they SHOULD have been eaten. And they escaped not because they outsmarted the raptor but because for an instant the overwhelming power of the T-Rex benefitted them.

One more week of games. We can’t keep counting on the T-Rex to save us.

Here is the scene for the 6 of you who never saw Jurassic Park.

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