Friday, September 30, 2011

Terry Francona to leave the Red Sox... STUPID STUPID Red Sox

Terry Francona is not coming back to the Red Sox.
It is a monumentally stupid decision.

Terry Francona didn't assemble this pitching staff.
Terry Francona didn't make a series of bone numbingly stupid moves.
Terry Francona isn't an incompetent pitching coach.

Had Dan Johnson and Nolan Reimold swung and missed he would have had the Red Sox in the playoffs using four pitchers with ERAs over 5 in the month of September.

This wasn't Terry's fault.
And the man who outmanaged Joe Torre in 2004 and won the only 2 World Series the Red Sox have won since World War I is being booted.

Stupid stupid stupid.

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  1. I believe this is a mutual decision, Sully. No "booting" here. I am really sorry to see him depart as well. I also tend to believe he's tired and frustrated, and wants some time away from the game.

    The best Red Sox manager in my lifetime, and I wish him well.

  2. It's stupid

    Stupid stupid stupid

  3. And now the fact that neither Tito nor the Sox are making announcements today, could it mean that Tito wants out and the FO is trying to talk him out of it?

  4. Tito is coming to the south side...:D

  5. Anonymous5:20 PM

    To be fair, Curt Young is not a bad pitching coach. He had great success in Oakland. Honestly, it's the personnel that failed, not him.

    I absolutely agree that letting Tito go is awful. But from everything I have heard and read, this was mutual. He wanted out of this mess, because he knows that he has no way of fixing it himself. It's a good career move to go to a team that actually has a chance, like the White Sox, for example (who I'm sure he'll be happy to manage.)

    But yes, this is sad, sad news for Red Sox fans.

  6. I can't say stupid. Maybe had no idea of what's coming. ruleta live