Friday, September 09, 2011

When should the Yankees get nervous?

OK, we Red Sox fans are officially nervous.
2 more losses to Tampa Bay and the Red Sox lead in the Wild Card would be down to 3 1/2!

And of course this 3 game losing streak by the Red Sox is cutting back on the Yankees magic number to clinch the East.
But guess who is also on a 3 game losing streak?

That would be the Yankees.

It's a long shot that the Rays and Angels would over take them in a playoff hunt... but at what point do you get nervous?

If for no other reason than a closely bunched together Wild Card/Division race would mean NOT resting starters down the stretch.

Wouldn't the rest of baseball delight in the Yankees and Red Sox struggling for a playoff berth?

Either way, it would behoove the Sox and Yankees to win a little

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