Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm not panicking yet

It's the in vogue thing to do.
Even Ortiz is using the big P word.

Not me.
Anytime John Lackey, Andrew Miller and Tim Wakefield make up for 60% of the rotation, it gives me reason to worry.

But a few things are going the Red Sox way:

1) TIME.

Lest we forget the Red Sox have the lead with 16 games to go and a 3 game in the loss column cushion. Yeah, this weekend sucked. Yeah this month has sucked. We're not asking the Red Sox to dominate for a month. Just have a decent 16 games. An 8-8 record would mean the magic number would be 6. If just one of those wins were against Tampa, it would be 5. Which would mean the Rays would have to go 13-4 in their remaining 17 games to force a tie.

It's asking a lot from the Rays to win at that pace.


Maybe you've noticed this Red Sox team is a smidge streaky. They were grotesquely bad in April. They were close to unbeatable in June and July. They have been awful in September. This is a pendulum team.


Beckett will be throwing off of a mound soon. Youkilis will be back in the lineup soon. Their presence will give the Sox a little boost.


They can't lose tomorrow! And so often after an emotionally positive sweep, a team lets down the next day. So there is hope that the Rays could lose to Baltimore tomorrow. But a day to clear everyone's heads is just what the doctor ordered.


After going 1-6 on this awful road trip, they will be back home to face the Jays. Maybe being back home will coax a win or two out of our boys.


Remember, 7 of the remaining 16 games are against the Baltimore Orioles. Now they have nothing to lose, have a chip on their shoulder and beat the Yankees a few times. But they are also the worst team in the American League and the second worst team in baseball. It should be good for a few wins.

So come on! I know the pitching staff sucks now. I know this road trip blew.
Chin up Sox fans!
We've seen our team come back from 2-0 playoff holes (1999 and 2003).
We've seen our team come back from 3-1 playoff holes (1986 and 2007.)
We've seen our team come back from 3-0! (If I have to list the year, then shame on you.)

No come back needed. Just hold serve.
Come home. Win some games. Play in October.
The pressure is still on Tampa.

Play ball.

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  1. I'm just saying, I am panicking. Why slide now? Now is not the best time for it.

    But you are right about the Baltimore factor. I just need to see some more Orioles blowouts. Then I will feel better.