Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't count your Orioles before they hatch

The mantra I have heard among my fellow Red Sox fans have been "The Red Sox have 7 games against the Orioles. Beat them and the Sox will be fine."

Do you know who also had in their mind games against the Orioles as wins?
The Yankees and Rays and Angels.

The Yankees could have used the series against the Orioles... they lost 2 of 3.

The Rays needed the series to close the gap against the Red Sox... they lost 2 of 3.

The Angels NEEDED to win their series against Baltimore... they lost 2 of 3.

So the Orioles might not be going anywhere this year, but they have won 6 of 9 against contenders.

They have a chip on their shoulder... or their wing.

Win these games, Red Sox. They haven't been won yet.

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  1. I was issuing the same warnings about the O's on my blog this past weekend, Sully. They are NOT to be taken lightly.