Friday, September 16, 2011

Reason to hope for the Champs?

What's THIS?
The Giants won.
The Diamondbacks lost.

The World Champs are 6 games back.
That's too much, right?

Wait a second...
Let's say the Champs do well against the Rockies and the Padres show some resolve against Arizona.

And then let's say the Giants slap the Dodgers around next week.

Let's say it is possible for the Giants chop Arizona's lead to 4 or 5.

Then on the 23rd, 24th and 25th the Giants play the Diamondbacks.
What happens if the Giants sweep that series?

I'm just saying....
The defending Champs are still defending....

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  1. "And then let's say the Giants slap the Dodgers around next week."

    lol..yeh, lets just say the best pitching staff in the NL west totally bombs, matt kemp slips on a bar of soap, and loney forgets all his gloves in LA. while we're at it lets pretend the giants can finally get lincecom to overcome his dodgers jinx, and the BEAT LA chant can actually have an effect beyond a common rally monkey.

    "slap the dodgers around"..indeed.

  2. I know it is a stretch.
    I'm trying to inject some drama in a lifeless pennant race!

  3. 5 games back now...dodgers have two good players, shittiest fans in all of one goes to games and when they do they end up fighting or showing up late...enjoy your .500 season dodger fans, you probably dont even pay enough attention to know your team sucks balls...