Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Logan Morrison needs a new nickname

Logan Morrison
is a talented member of the Marlins and might very well be a key player as the team enters a new ballpark and a new identity.

But while speaking of identities, he needs a nickname.
Why? you ask.

Because look at how his recent home run highlight was listed on MLB.com.

LO MO???

What kind of crap nickname is that?

How lazy do we have to be to keep assigning garbage nicknames to players?

How about a good old fashioned alliteration name.

"Mallet" Morrison.
The Mallet Mashes It!

Or a play on his first name?
"Long Gone Morrison!"

Or there was that time he was attacked by a Praying Mantis.
He can be called "The Mantis!"


We need to end the era of first sound of the first name and first sound of the last name as a nickname.

I am sure he might not want to be associated with a Praying Mantis but it's a start!

As I said before... we need to work on our nicknames.

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