Friday, September 16, 2011

A Nation Tested

There are all sorts of tests going on regarding the Red Sox.

The Red Sox themselves are having their resolve tested. They stumbled out of the gate, cruised through the summer and are now seeing what they are made of to make it into the October dance. I am positive that if they can make it into October, that this sucky September will be a positive thing for the team. A "Wow... we made it in. Now let's kick some butt moment" that helped the Cardinals and White Sox win the World Series last decade.

And as bad as last night was, I'd STILL rather be up 3 games even stumbling than down 3 games and charging with 13 left.

Let's say the Red Sox win just one game in the series.
They'd be up 2 games with 10 to play.
6 of those games are against Baltimore.

I'll take my chances with those odds.

As for us Red Sox fans, this is the latest test to see if our lives really have changed.

Since 2004 and 2007 we've seen the Red Sox lose an agonizing 7 game series in 2008, choke in the 2009 playoffs and watch the Yankees win it all and miss the playoffs altogether.

And now they have a chance for an all time collapse.

IF THAT HAPPENS, we'll see how the 2004 and 2007 blanket will protect us.

And IF THAT HAPPENS we can look and think about what our lives would be like had Dave Roberts not stolen a base... and had the Indians not collapsed in 2007.

We'd be losing our minds.
Let's see if we can keep them, dear Nation.

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