Saturday, September 03, 2011

Slamming out the string

Carl Crawford should have a nice talk with J. D. Drew. Drew's first year in Boston was a mess as expectations for big stats were flushed down the toilet in 2007 and he looked like a bust.

Then he hit that grand slam in the ALCS and had a great World Series. Say what you want about him. The Sox don't win the 2007 World Series without him.

And if the Red Sox won the 2008 ALCS, Drew would have been the MVP.

So Crawford's first year in Boston has been up and down. But if today's grand slam was any indication, he has a little in the tank to contribute in October.

As for the post season, it is looking more and more like it is in the bag.
Yeah they can get into a dog fight with the Yankees for the Division. But for what?

The Red Sox have a Magic Number of 16 to make the playoffs with 24 games left.

If the Sox go 12-12 in their last 24 games, the Rays would have to go 21-3 just to force a one game playoff.

I'm not saying the Red Sox should start sitting their regulars, but the only way they aren't playing in October is if their September looked like their April.

The Sox and Rays play each other 7 times between September 9th and September 18th. If the Red Sox go 3-4 in those games, that would take 6 off the Magic Number right there.

Maybe even J. D. Drew will be healthy for October.


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