Thursday, September 29, 2011

We interrupt our Red Sox sorrow to crap on Colby Rasmus

As the Cardinals celebrated their improbable run to the National League Wild Card, I saw all the players dumping beer on each other and hugging.

Who wasn't there?
Colby Rasmus.

Remember him? The guy who bitched and moaned his way out of St. Louis.
The guy I crapped on last year for complaining about playing time to LaRussa.
The guy who suddenly had a bunch of defenders chewing me out, talking as if he was an elite player (????)

The Cardinals sent him packing to Toronto, where he got hurt and was lousy when he played.
(A .173 average, .201 on base, .517 OPS and 37 OPS+ stinks no matter how few games you play.)

The Cardinals were 55-48 on July 26th... his last day as a Cardinal.
They went 35-24 without him.

Now of course they were in FIRST PLACE on July 26th, so I guess his defenders could say they fell out of first without him.

But I can't help but wonder if the Cardinals won partially because the guys in the clubhouse were the ones who were on the same page.

Maybe if Colby Rasmus didn't act like a 23 year old who thought he invented the game, he'd be going to the post season too.

Ah well.
He will be good NEXT year... (not 2012. I mean the perpetual NEXT year for prospects who never make it.)

OK. Back to Red Sox misery.

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  1. Anonymous5:45 PM

    you are a terrible reporter. you know absolutely nothing about what happened to colby, or the situation obviously. he is an amazing player with a great future ahead of him, wherever he may be.

  2. He's an amazing player?
    I am sure he is better than me.

    But this is a classic "player with a ton of potential" case.

    He's had one pretty good year. And that was evidently enough to have him think his crap didn't stink.

    What standard are you using to call a player with one pretty good season "amazing"?