Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Giants World Series defense could end this weekend

On July 28, the Giants had a 4 game lead and added Carlos Beltran to the lineup.
If you told me 33 games later that the NL West could be wrapped up, I'd say "Well, the Diamondbacks had a nice year, but it is the Giants division."

Instead we have the Giants, the defending World Champs, the great new team to market and promote, are fighting for their very lives.

The best way to illustrate how the Diamondbacks and the Giants have gone in different directions in the past 33 games is to look at their records since July 28th.

The Diamondbacks are 22-11.
The Giants are 11-22.

The Giants are 6 games out.
The Diamondbacks magic number is 20.

The Giants MUST win 2 of 3.
They SHOULD win all 3.

A sweep will mean it is a 3 game hole.
2 of 3 for the Giants would mean a 5 game hole.

LOSING 2 of 3 would mean the Giants would be behind a week in the standings with only 3 weeks left to play.

If the Giants get swept... they will be down 9 games in the standings with 22 games to play.
The Diamondbacks Magic Number would be 14.

Come on Giants! Show a little something. I do NOT want to see a Phillies-Diamondbacks series.

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