Wednesday, September 07, 2011

If the Orioles don't win today, they should be contracted

The Orioles have done everything in their power to drive me nuts this week.
They score 10 against the Yankees one night and lose.
Yesterday they let 2 homers in the 7th sink them.

Today the Yankees are doing everything in their power to hand the game to the Orioles.
The lineup today looks like a split squad spring training game.

Nunez leading off? Andruw Jones batting 5th? The kid Montero batting 6th? Laird, Golson and Pena rounding out the lineup?

And if putting in the Junior Varsity team wasn't enough, A. J. Burnett is pitching.
The 1919 White Sox put up a better fight in the World Series than this team, and they were TRYING to lose.

If you lose this Baltimore, I will do everything in my power to remove the franchise from the big leagues and put a AAA franchise in the AL East.

Get to work!

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