Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am living in a world where the Red Sox can't rely on David Ortiz nor Jason Varitek in a big spot.

I'm not sure I like that world.

Papi is clearly hurt and not swinging the bat the way he should be...
He's becoming an automatic out and that most frustrating of sights: A slugger in decline.

(Think Jim Rice 1987-1989)

Pedroia is hitting in front of him and Youk and Bay are hitting behind him.

So here's what he should do...


They are opening up that entire side... BUNT!

Yeah I hear stuff like "the opposing team would LOVE to see David Ortiz trying to bunt" but that is under the assumption that he is bunting instead of hitting a 450 foot homer.

He's out of sync.
He's getting frustrated.
And he'll do a lot more to help the Sox at this point being at first with Youk and Bay coming up instead of walking back to the dugout.

Give it a try!
How can it be worse than his series so far???

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