Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This mess of a World Series has done the unthinkable...

The city of Wilmington Delaware has become a factor in the World Series.

It's bad enough for Fox, who had dreams of Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York dancing in their heads, are stuck with Philadelphia and Tampa Bay.

It's bad enough that they tried to play in worse weather than Bishop Pickering had when he was struck by lightning*.

It's bad enough that the stupid decision to play the game, have the Phillies waste their best pitcher and then have the grounds crew pull the tarp out as the tying run was scoring...

But now it turns out they had the same luck as Mary and Joseph finding a hotel room in Philly.
So off they go to Wilmington Delaware and the Hotel Du Pont.

Now it looks like a sweet hotel... but this was the October we were going to be comparing the Green Monster of Fenway to the Ivy Covered walls of Wrigley... not write the new chapter in the Wilmington Michelin Guide!

One thing MLB doesn't have to worry about is a Ray Lewis-esque night club shooting during the down time in Wilmington.
It's not exactly a den of temptation.

You don't hear a lot of newly single men saying "Let's go to Wilmington and forget about her!"

I'm guessing a lot of the guys stayed in their room and watched Iron Man on Pay Per View.

* If you find a more obscure Caddyshack reference on a blog, drop me an e mail

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