Saturday, October 18, 2008

What the hell did John Farrell say to Masterson?

Masterson was vast sea of suck.

He hit Bartlett and then couldn't throw a strike to Iwamura.

The tying runs were going to be on with B. J. Upton coming up.
There goes the pennant.

Meanwhile I'm calling my pal Kenny Mack and screaming for Papelbon to come in.

Kenny, who I've known since the first grade, calms me down.

Out comes John Farrell... he says a few words to Masterson.
Suddenly he becomes Dennis Eckersley.

Iwamura strike out so badly that he looked like an AL reliever taking his first hacks of the season and not the winner of the Sully Baseball Division Series MVP.

Then B. J. Upton, he of the 4 ALCS homers, took a swing where neither of his feet were planted.

Then Carlos Pena pops up.

I wonder what Farrell said to him.
I guess it was something along the lines of...

"Hey Masterson, if you don't start throwing strikes, you are going to be the goat of this series. Guess what Bostonians never forget? The names of their goats. Stop sucking."

It worked!

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