Saturday, October 11, 2008

OK... new show of hands

Without second guessing, how many knew Beckett didn't have it tonight? Raise your hands.

Keep them up... how many couldn't believe Beckett came out to pitch the 5th, especially after the Red Sox launched 3 homers in the top of the 5th to take the lead?

Keep them up... how many were screaming for Beckett to come out when he walked Upton in the 5th?

Still up? How many were pulling their hair out when Francona let Beckett pitch to Longoria?

One more... how many think Francona channeled Grady Little?

It's funny... the game ended in the 11th, but was lost in the 5th.
Beckett doesn't have it.
The man is clearly hurt. He's not the American Bad Ass from last year.

Basically the next time he starts, Francona had better have Paul Byrd ready to come in in a moments notice.

(Man, am I REALLY putting the hopes of the pennant of Paul Byrd?)

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