Friday, October 17, 2008


We need to win Saturday... that should be 100% the focus of the Red Sox.

And I can't imagine Jon Lester getting roughed up twice.
He'll be on 4 days rest with something to prove.

I know it is Beckett's turn in the rotation... but it should be Lester.

Remember in The Exorcist when Ellen Burstyn says to Jason Miller "I'm telling you that thing upstairs isn't my daughter"?

That's how I feel about Beckett right now.
He's not the same pitcher... possibly possessed.
And the way he threw in game 3 made me want to vomit all over Max Von Sydow.

Have Lester throw... force the game 7... and then have all hands on deck for game 7.

Sure have Beckett pitch with 7 days rest (maybe he'll rebound) and then have Byrd, Dice-K and yes even Wakefield available.

But we need to get to game 7.
And nobody is better to put the Devil back INTO the Rays than Lester.


  1. ok so lets say lester starts game 6 and he wins...what now?
    would Beckett get the job done in game 7?
    I think he's better off in game 6 facing shields rather than garza.
    just my opinion.

  2. you were grasping at straws by wanting lester in there last night...we need him tonight!