Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It can be 2007 or 1990... it's up to Dice-K

Alright Daisuke... this is why the Red Sox paid $51 million to talk to you.

Don't need to dominate... just win.
There's no way the Sox offense will remain this bad.

Force that game 6....
Because this season can take 2 different routes:

The 2007 route or the 1990 route.

We all remember 2007... solid win against the Angels, a great come from behind against Cleveland and a World Series title to show that 2004 was no fluke.

Great moments.

Memories that will last generations.

Total satisfaction.

How many of you remember 1990?
It was a really fun year...

The Red Sox and the Blue Jays fought neck and neck for most of the season.
Almost the entire season they were within 2 games of each other as the Sox had Boggs, Burks, Greenwell and Clemens with Walpole Joe Morgan leading the team.

They went on a 10 game winning streak that seemed to put the season out of reach in early September but the Jays tied them again. It went to the last day of the season, ending on Tom Brunansky's sliding catch in the right field corner to clinch the series.

I remember watching that game in Boo Radley's Bar on Waverly Place in New York. I was a freshman at NYU and was going ape for the Sox.

I also knew they were going to get whumped by Oakland in the playoffs... and that's exactly what happened.

It was a fun, thrilling and exhausting year... one that didn't end with the satisfaction of a parade, but a fun ride nonetheless.

Well those seem to be the options for the 2008 Red Sox.

Do they pull out this series and bring another World Series crown and parade to Boston?
Or does it end with me thinking of "Well... it was fun, but they weren't the best team"?

It's up to you Daisuke.
No pressure.

(Let's hope Drew can slide into that corner the way Bruno did.)

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