Sunday, October 19, 2008

Well that's that

Yeah I'm pissed.

Yeah I wanted to win badly... and watching in a bar in Santa Monica with my friends Kenny Mack and Greg Lee and I pounded the wall a few times, not the least when J. D. Drew struck out to 8 year old David Price.

But do you know what?
The better team won.

Everyone, including yours truly, kept counting out the Rays based on the past... but the simple fact of the matter is the better team won.

They were better in the regular season and they were better now.

The Rays just out played them in the end. It wasn't like the Sox were having bad at bats or flailing at bad pitches.
Garza was great and the bullpen did a Houdini in the 8th. (I STILL can't believe they were held scoreless in that inning.)

It was crushing... but it won't haunt me.
Venkman and company couldn't have done a better job clearing out the ghosts as the 2004 team did.

So now it is all about baseball.
In 2007, the Red Sox were the best team and they won.
This year they weren't and they didn't.

Pretty straight forward.
You can't grind your teeth because you didn't get a miracle.

We've had our share of them...

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  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Yep, gotta hand it to the kid, Price. A September callup who pitched in THREE games before saving Game 7 of the ALCS by throwing 96-mph BBs with movement, on the corners.

    You just tip your cap. And to the Sox, too, for that insane Game 5, and two entertaining games after that.