Sunday, October 26, 2008

How happy is Jayson Werth?

Jayson Werth was the go ahead run in scoring position with the National League's best run producer at the plate with 1 out in a tied World Series game in the bottom of the 8th.

Pretty sweet place to be.

Except when you get picked off.

Right away I thought of Matt Holiday getting picked off during game 2 of last year's World Series.

I am guessing you all did the same.

Man! Talk about a bad place to be... to be the guy who wandered off and squashed a potential World Series game winning rally.
At least Matt Holliday knew he had tons of good will in the bank with Denver fans... and he also knew during the World Series most Denver fans were saying "Are the Broncos on?"

But Philly fans... let's just say they don't forget a goat.

So when Ruiz dribbled that ball and Longoria threw it to a fan in the upper deck, the biggest sigh of relief came from Werth.
I'm guessing you already forgot he was picked off of second.

That's just how he wants it!

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