Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Looking on the bright side for today's whuppin'

Granted, it takes one optimistic cat to find the silver lining in a 13-4 ass kicking at home that puts my team on the verge of elimination.

But this is Sully Baseball.
We are positive... and we list things!

So let's list the positive things that happened to the Red Sox tonight:

1. Like Yesterday... it was swift.

With only 1 out in the 1st, the Rays were up 3.
It felt pretty over then.

When Coco hit into that double play in the second and the Rays countered with 2 more runs... I knew it was over.
So at least it wasn't drawn out.

2. We got to spend quality time with out family.

By the time I got home from work, the Red Sox were down by 9. Instead of fretting by the TV I was giving my kids a bath and read them stories and tuck them in.

I am sure parents all around New England were spending quality time with their kids instead of watching Manny Delcarmen get his butt handed to him.

3. Sean Casey got to play.
Everyone seems to like Sean Casey. But because Francona has decided to go with Kotsay at first, Casey has become the Maytag Repair man and not cracked a box score until tonight.

(I guess last nights 9-1 whipping was too close to risk a Casey at bat)

4. Papelbon and Okajima are pretty well rested.

They haven't pitched since Saturday.
They'll be on 5 days rest. I wonder if Papelbon can start!

5. Kevin Cash's homer

Maybe Cash's display of power will convince Francona to bench Varitek another day.

6. Ortiz's triple

Yeah it was meaningless... but maybe it is the beginning of a break out!
(I can dream can't I?)

7. Dice-K will be on nearly a week's rest.

A solid Dice-K start could turn the series around.

8. We've been here before.

Coming back from a 3-1 hole?
The only 3 Red Sox pennants I've ever seen were won when my team was down 3-1 in the ALCS.

This is old hat to me!

So Chin Up, Red Sox Nation!

They need to win 4, not 3.
And with this silly day off tomorrow, maybe the Sox can regroup.
And maybe Dice-K can win again.
And maybe Beckett will come back with a good start in game 6.
And an embarrassed Lester will rebound with a solid game 7.

It's either think like that or quit!

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