Saturday, October 04, 2008

My predictions are usually terrible but...

I remember something I wrote during my "predictions" post back in March.

I said that the Dodgers were going to beat the Cubs adding "And yes, I am predicting yet another heartbreak for the Cubs."

Then again, I also predicted them to get out of the Division Series and the heart break would be in the NLCS.

What happened tonight was positively grotesque.
To go from being the consensus pick to win the NL Pennant (breaking a 63 year drought there) and possibly winning their first title in a century to being the first eliminated is a fate that even Eli Roth would find too cruel to include in Hostel 3.

It could actually get worse for Cubs fans.

With the Brewers still alive with tonight's win, tomorrow's game is probably going to decide who the Dodgers will face.

Obviously if Philly wins, they move on.
But if Milwaukee wins at home, game 5 will have Sabathia on the mound.
Do you REALLY think he is going to stink twice?

Imagine the Cubs and their dream season dead and the Brewers with their panicking and terrible September still alive.

I warned of that possibility in July...
and frankly I feel guilty about that.

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