Wednesday, October 29, 2008


(Or why the Tampa Bay Rays were not in danger of any pre Game 5 hijinx!)

I've been to Wilmington enough to know you can do the following things there:

1. Set up a PO Box for a corporation.
2. Have someone explain why it is "The First State" and nod politely during the explanation.
3. Visit the Rockwood Museum at 610 Shipley Road
4. Ask someone why everything is named "DuPont" in Wilmington and nod politely during the explanation.
5. Find that place in Wilmington that mails you all the credit card applications and egg it.
6. Keep driving on 95 and be amazed how quickly you pass through Delaware on the way to Maryland.
7. Grab a drink at the Washington Street Ale House
8. Visit my Uncle Don, Aunt Martha and my Cousin Bill. I'm sure they'd love to host the Tampa Bay Rays.
9. Go to a Sullivan family wedding and get trashed.
10. Play a drinking game where everytime you meet someone who has met Joe Biden, you do a shot.

Well there's no Sullivan wedding this week and you can do the Joe Biden drinking game in the hotel bar.

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  1. Anonymous6:04 PM

    No cake reading, "WHEN, BILL?"