Sunday, October 05, 2008

Leave Cub fans alone for a little bit

Seriously, give them some space.

If you know a big time Cubs fan, like I know my boss Frank or my good pal Rob Paravonian, don't call them.

Obviously don't taunt them... but don't call them to say "I'm sorry" or "hang in there."

Don't say "you'll get them next time" or "relax, you are an award winning TV producer with a strong marriage and three loving kids."

This one hurts... and they all knew it too.
Last year's sweep by Arizona was the dry run for this year's charge for at least the pennant.

This team could hit, pitch, had swagger and was the team to beat.

And boy were they beat.

Give the Cub fans a break.
They are like a guy who found out his wife slept with his best friend...
You don't say "Hey man, it sucks that your wife did that."
Let HIM bring it up in conversation.

The entire Cubs fan base has that "how could I have been so wrong about this?!" malaise. Let them get through it.

They are like Harvey Keitel at the end of Reservoir Dogs when he realizes he put everything including his own life to defend Tim Roth only to find out he was wrong.

Give the Cub fans some space.
Assume they won't be watching any more playoff baseball this year.

And let them shoot Tim Roth in the head.

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