Thursday, October 09, 2008

Is this driving Phillies fan crazy?

NOBODY is talking about the Phillies
NOBODY is giving them a shot

It's amazing.
They have home field advantage in the NLCS and it is a given that the Dodgers will be moving on

Seriously, I read a lot and listen to a lot about baseball and everyone is talking about the Red Sox and the Dodgers and what a great series that would be.

But don't overlook the Rays and how amazing it would be for a team to go from worst to the World Series.

And about the Phillies?
They are place holders.
They are a palooka team for Joe Torre and Manny Ramirez to steam roll.

Even people in my office who are thinking about going to Dodger Stadium are saying things like "Maybe we should try to get tickets for game 4 in case the Dodgers sweep them."

They get NO love.

I wonder if that drives Phillies fans crazy the total lack of respect they are getting or if they just care about the wins and losses.

I just find it odd.
They are the Joe Biden of this playoff series.
Nobody gives a crap.

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