Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sir... you crashed your rental

I guess if you run a pitcher for 50 innings over 7 starts in 30 days... including his last 5 starts on 3 days rest... eventually he'll crash and burn.

He was a rental after all.

Of course with Sabathia picking the worst time for his most disastrous start in a Brewers uniform, it pretty much looks like a Phillies win. Possibly a sweep.

The Brewers only plan for winning the series was to have Sabathia win his two starts and then sneak a win in Miller Park.

But take heart, Brewers fans.
It looks bad.
It looks Hindenberg bad.

But the Brewers actually held then scoreless in all but 2 innings.
If Cameron makes that catch in game 1 and Sabathia didn't walk Myers after he fouled off 291 pitches, those games might have had much different outcomes.

OK OK... that's not much consolation.

But I remember the 1999 Red Sox.
They opened in Cleveland and the only hope for the Sox was to win the opener with Pedro, win game 5 with Pedro.

Well guess what?
Pedro got hurt in game 1.
Sox lose.
Sox get clubbed 11-1 in game 2.

And find out that they wouldn't have Nomar available for game 3.

It was a disaster.
Made worse when John Valentin made an error that blew an unlikely lead in game 3.

Guess what happened?
They scored 6 runs to win game 3.

Then they scored

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