Monday, October 20, 2008

While watching the game...

While watching the game tonight at the Cabo Cantina there were several women at the table next to us who were plowed.

They started screaming "GO RAYS!" and cheered loudly whenever anything positive happened to the Rays.

My buddy Kenny was wearing a Red Sox jersey so I knew they were trying to needle him.

Every once in a while another guy would walk over and high five the women screaming for the Rays.

I turned to them and asked one "Can you name one member of the Rays?"
She looked up and saw the back of Garza's jersey.

She screamed "GARZA!" as if she were a Rays fan all of her life (which is impossible since she was older than 11 years old.)

Another guy started cheer loudly and revealed he was an Angels fan.
And the place erupted.

At first I got mad...
But then I remembered when I would root against the Yankees in the playoffs and high five other Red Sox fans or Mets fans.

I remember embracing a beautiful Mets fan when the Yankees lost the 2001 World Series as we were both thrilled.

I remember being in a bar in Walla Walla Washington when the Angels beat the Yankees.

I did the exact same thing the fans at the bar tonight did.
And the circle is now complete.

The Red Sox are indeed the Evil Empire and people cheer when they lose.

It's what we wanted... and being hated is a by product.

But in 2009... the Empire WILL strike back!

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