Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thanks for all of the gifts!

Is it just me or have the Red Sox been the recipient of a lot of help from the opposing teams this post season?

In other words, haven't the Angels and Rays gift wrapped some of these wins for us?

Between the Angels base running blunders (Guerrero going to third in game 1, Hunter trying to stretch out a single in game 3) overly aggressive strategies (the squeeze play in game 4) and wreckless hustle (Willits ill advised dive on Jason Bay's double in game 4) they may have played themselves out of the ALCS.

And tonight... with Dice-K knocked out and Okajima throwing his first 3 pitches out of the strike zone... Carlos Pena represented the go ahead run.

A walk would have put the tying run into scoring position... with power hitting Evan Longoria coming up.

It had all the ear marks of a disastrous inning for the Red Sox.
What does he do?
He swings at the 3-0 pitch and pops up.
Longoria grounds into a double play and they leave the inning scoreless.

Seriously, what was he doing swinging away?
Don't get me wrong! I accept their gift... I'm just sure we can count on other team's generosity to win this pennant.

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