Friday, October 17, 2008

You know someone left Fenway early

You know it... someone saw the carnage of a 7-0 lead at the 7th inning stretch and said "F This... I don't need to see my team lead to the hangman's noose like the end of In Cold Blood."

That guy probably felt like staying for the final 9 outs would be a grotesque act of masochism and left to beat the traffic.

I can also imagine that guy wanting to shut the Red Sox completely from his mind for the night.

"I spent nearly 7 months obsessing over this team and for what? To see them get man handled by Tampa Bay and not even show up in their home park?" He probably thinks.

He doesn't turn the radio on... putting on a CD.
Not Dropkick Murphys or Sweet Caroline.

He turns his phone off to not get the inevitable call from his Yankee buddy who wants to rub it in.

And he drives off to Maynard or Sudbury or wherever he lives... beating the traffic.

When he gets home, he doesn't turn on the TV or check his e mail.

That guy is probably asleep right now thinking the Red Sox season is over.
He won't know until tomorrow morning when he reluctantly reads the Globe.

I can't decide if they person should be pitied (for missing the come back), mocked (for leaving the game) or envied (his surrealistic parallel universe experience would be unique and not unlike George Bailey finding Zuzu's pedals.)

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