Sunday, October 26, 2008

OK... now we are on to something

Two one run games and a two run game.
One great pitched ball game by the latest big game stud and now a wild game 3 complete with guys scoring on steal attempts, fly balls to the warning track that make a fan base gasp, a 45 year old pitcher making his first World Series appearance, and the Phillies relying on the long ball but winning on a hit that couldn't have travelled 50 feet.

Do you know what this is called?
A potentially great World Series!

So I've been very vocal about my support of the Phillies but I am, in the spirit of the Presidential campaign, I am going to flip flop.

For just one game I am going to say GO RAYS!

Why you ask?

Well there are two reasons...

1. I want a series to go deep.

Three of the last four World Series have been sweeps.
The one that wasn't had all the markings of a potential 7 game series.

The Cardinals were underdogs to the Tigers in 2006, but the Tigers pitching imploded in game 1.
The two teams split the next 2 games and game 4 was an underrated back and forth game that St Louis pulled out.
And then the Cardinals won game 5 and that was it. No game 6 or 7. No showdown.
I bet you 100% forgot that series even existed.

So sometimes when your team is out of it, you root for the longer series.
I did the same thing in 2005... I wanted the White Sox to win but I rooted for the Astros in the marathon game 3.
I didn't want a sweep, but that's what I got.

So if the Phillies win tonight, they'll have Cole Hamels on the mound with a chance to make this a 5 and out series.
And I don't want that.

I want seven games.
And so does Fox... the longer this series lasts the more intense game 7 will be and the more eyes will be on the TV.

Which brings me to reason 2.

2. I've got a long night at work tomorrow

Yeah I know it's a selfish reason but HEY!

I want to watch the game!
And I won't be able to if the last game is tomorrow night!

It's my blog, it's my rules.

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