Monday, July 06, 2009

I'm not putting that in the Dodged Bullet category

Yeah, I know the Red Sox came from behind late in the game... but I never got the sense that the game was 100% over.

OK, I'll level with you. I didn't watch the game.

I was in Palo Alto with my kids and I spent yesterday in a playground with them and their grandma (and my mom.)

So forgive me Sully Baseball readers... yesterday was daddy time.

But I confess, I did check my phone a couple of times for the score. When I saw they won, I gave my fist a little pump and went back to being a good dad.

One thing about the Red Sox in 2009 that is very heartening... they haven't been swept yet. Their pitching staff has been damn good obviously and the longest losing streak they've gone on is 3 games.

So even with a couple of back to back teeth grinders, I still feel confident with this crew. Confident enough to go play in the park with my kids.

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