Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why doesn't anyone listen to me?

Mussina retired last year, and I begged Schilling, Maddux, Pedro and Smoltz to retire too.

There was nothing left for any of them to prove. 

Maddux and Schil read the writing on the wall...

But Glavine got axed and Pedro is probably going to be shelled.

And Smoltz is ending a wonderful Hall of Fame career, one where he was not only a Cy Young starter but the all time leader in saves for the Braves, as a batting practice pitcher for the Red Sox.

It was a nice experiment, but his spot needs to be filled by Buchholz and Smoltz needs to be designated for assignment.

Folks, LISTEN TO SULLY... I tend to be right.

OK, that's not true. I make tons of bad predictions. 

But this wasn't exactly a hard one to make.

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