Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yup, Big Papi too...

Big Papi's name has come up in the same list that sunk A-Rod last February.

Papi's was on the juice.

Is anyone surprised anymore?

Could this possibly be shocking to ANYONE?

Even the biggest homer Red Sox fan (and Red Sox fans don't get much bigger than yours truly) had to think somewhere in the back of their mind that Papi was a juicer!

I could write a lot about this today, but I've already addressed the big issues.

Back in February, I told Red Sox fans to not get too cocky about A-Rod's name coming out. There were probably some 2004 Red Sox on that list.

Turns out there were.

And when the whole Manny thing hit the fan, I listed a bunch of undeniable facts about David Ortiz.

It's not pretty folks... and I know the Yankee fans are going to come out swinging that 2004 and 2007 were illegitimate (all the while cheering Andy Pettitte and Alex Rodriguez.)

Is it sad?
I guess so.

Does it make 2004 and 2007 a little less thrilling?
I'm not sure yet.

Does it make me want to see the Red Sox win the 2009 World Series more than ever?

You bet.


  1. just have him admit he did it even if he didnt, and all is forgotten. but people who hold true get blasted...

  2. I will only swing at the Red Sox fans who say that 1996 to 2000 was tainted, We either have to say no they were not tainted or every one from at least 1995 to 2008 is tainted, My self. Accept the team records and enjoy them, The payback is that the steroid boys will never get in the HOF, That will be the legacy of this era.
    So What I am saying is to Red Sox Fans accept the Yankees of 1996 to 2000 and you guys revel in your 2004 and 2007 wins You deserve to enjoy them.