Monday, July 27, 2009

The Smoltz Experiment Must End Now

The irony of John Smoltz's start yesterday wasn't lost on me.

It was the day of the Hall of Fame inductions and no doubt in the near future, John Smoltz will be getting his own plaque.

And when he gets his plaque, the commissioner of baseball (who we can all hope is no longer Bud Selig) will read off the major league teams he played for. 

He'll mention Atlanta and then Boston.

And I am sure there will be tons of Braves fans who made the trip to cheer him. 

But chances are not a lot of Red Sox fans will be wearing Smoltz jerseys... and he showed why yesterday.

The John Smoltz experiment is done. He's a loss when he pitches. For God's sake, he lost a game to the Orioles at home. That's almost impossible.

And the Red Sox can't afford to have a guaranteed loss every 5 days. I am sure he is a good guy to have in the clubhouse, but he can't be on the mound every week.

Time for Michael Bowden to come up.

As for Smoltz himself, he is obviously a tremendous competitor. He was the big game stud for the Braves all of those years and ironically was also the lights out closer the franchise desperately needed.

But he should have hung them up last year. Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz all could have rode off into the sunset together. Maddux ended his career in the NLCS last year.

Glavine got cut as a minor leaguer and John Smoltz is throwing batting practice. 

Why don't people listen to me?


  1. Did you say something?

  2. This situation is worse than the Gagne gambit.