Saturday, July 11, 2009

A suggestion to the Giants...

Bring Jonathan Sanchez's dad to every game. 

Seriously... 100% the games he's seen his son start in the bigs, he's thrown a no hitter.

Now of all the pitchers on the Giants rotation, he's the last you'd pick throw a no no.

Lincecum, Johnson and Zito all have Cy Youngs on their mantle and Cain is an All Star... and Sanchez can write "trade bait with potential" on his tax return.

I would have expected a no hitter from Jonathan Winters before Jonathan Sanchez.

His dad shows up... and suddenly he becomes another ace.

Seriously, put him on the payroll and have him show up to the rest of Sanchez's starts.

Right now the percentages look pretty impressive. And the magic number for a Giants playoff spot is 75. (Zito's number.)

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