Monday, July 06, 2009

Red Sox fans... let's see a very long ovation for Nomar

Seriously... I want a very long standing overation.

Yeah I know it didn't end well... but he played his guts out for the Red Sox (OK, except for that game in Yankee Stadium.)

He loved being a part of the Red Sox.
He got it.

He just never got a ring.

Get on your feet, Sox fans.

Nomar's name was a rallying cry.
Do it again!



  1. This guy quit on you, and in the spring of 2004 in a exhibition game against the Yankees pre game warm ups he went out to 2nd base while Jeter and a-rod was taking grounders,
    Sox fans cheer this bum but boos for 19 years Buckner. Geez.

  2. Red Sox fans gave Bill Buckner a standing ovation when he returned to the team in 1990

    They did it again in 2008

    From 1997-2003 he was the face of the franchise

    He deserves a standing ovation.

    Never let the facts get in the way of a good post

  3. Facts? Facts? I don't do facts anymore they are outdated. I do E Mails, Blogs Tweets and facebook but no facts anymore.

    Well I have concluded that the fans were cheering that Nomar was traded away and that they were thanking him for getting himself traded that allowed the Red sox to win in 2004 and 2007 and maybe even this year.

    Really I do understand the R.S Fans understand that he really helped make the team become the franchise it has become.

    I think you know I am a Yankee fan, so
    Just to let you know I was stunned when Yankee fans gave Jason Giambi a Standing O, Now that really did upset me.