Monday, July 27, 2009

Hey Fox Sports... Hire Tony Kubek

Seriously, we need Tony Kubek back.

I’m tired of hearing Joe Buck call every single World Series game. I’m not a Joe Buck hater… it’s just getting exhausting. He has called every World Series since 2000… and 12 of the last 14 World Series.

There used to be a rotation. Vin Scully, Tony Kubek and Joe Garigiola would call some years. Keith Jackson, Al Michaels and Jim Palmer other years.

Bob Costas called a few…
Howard Cosell called a few…

But now it is all Joe Buck and Tim McCarver all the time, including for two Red Sox World Championships.

Yesterday, Tony was elected to the Hall of Fame with the Ford C. Frick Award. He’s been out of broadcasting since 1994. The strike seemed to be the last nail in the coffin as he walked away from Yankee games.

I hadn’t heard him speak since then and I wondered if he had slowed down in these past 15 years.

He was terrific! He sounded great, he was quick and funny and reminded me why he was so worthy of the Frick award.

Yeah he looks a lot older, but so do I!

Kubek seemed disgusted by the direction baseball was going in during the mid 1990s and no doubt he would not be happy with the steroid scandals and a lot of Mr. Selig’s decisions.

But this was the same broadcaster who spoke out against Bowie Kuhn when he wasn’t present for Hank Aaron’s 715th homer. And spoke his mind about George Steinbrenner. We could use some more Tony Kubek’s in the broadcasting booth.

And seeing the real McCoy is available, perhaps it is time to throw a pile of money at him and bring him back to the broadcast booth where he belongs!

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