Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Welcome to CitiField... home of the Mets and shrine to the Dodgers

Seriously Dodgers… the taxpayers of New York paid good money to build this shrine to the Dodgers past. Hope you feel at home.

New Yorkers have such warm and fuzzy feelings for the Dodgers that it is kind of sad. There are many people in Brooklyn who still wear Dodger caps and the Cyclone logo is designed to resemble to old Brooklyn caps.

In 2007 I wrote about how insane the design of CitiField was. It is a shrine to a team that ripped the heart out of Brooklyn and ignores the history of the team that has to actually play there.

I had equated the Mets with a husband who pines for his hot ex girlfriend while ignoring his plain Jane but loyal wife.

I think it might be even more pathetic than that.

I think the Mets are kind of like Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character in Boogie Nights and the Dodgers are Dirk Diggler.

Remember when he bought the Transam because he wanted to impress Dirk Diggler and Dirk doesn’t care at all?

That’s what’s happening here.

The Dodgers will be looking at the stadium, not really caring, then the Mets would awkwardly butt in and say “Can I kiss you on the mouth?”

And after the awkward exchange, the Dodgers remain cool but the Mets sit outside, crying and muttering I'm a fuggin' idiot. I'm a fuggin' idiot. Fuggin' idiot, fuggin' idiot, fuggin' idiot.

Trust me… that analogy makes sense!


  1. Anonymous7:35 PM

    My God you hit the nail on the head. I am a life long Brooklynite and it is amazing listening to Mets fans talk about and refernce the Dodgers and how the Mets are the new Dodgers and its like dude the Dodgers are still around, you know in...LA for over 50 years. The Jackie Robinson Pavilion? Exactly how many games did Jackie Robinson play for the Mets? Instead of ever defining themselves for what they are, the Mets franchise has always defined itself by the the two teams that betrayed NYC and that they are not the Yankees.

  2. CitiField is so large for a stadium that it also became a tourist destination for travelers from different parts of the world.

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  3. Anonymous3:50 AM

    I think the part that you're missing is that the Mets and the fanbase don't give a crap about the current incarnation of the Dodgers, but they do consider the past of both the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants to be their own.

    The stadium has tributes to both teams, and the stadium itself is modeled after Ebbet's Field...something which was part of Brooklyn history more than L.A. Dodger history.

    On some level it's a bit weird, but on another level it's right. A lot of the older fans were Dodgers fans who became Mets fans. There are probably more Mets fans out there with connections to Ebbet's Field, the Polo Grounds, etc. than there are Dodgers fans.

    So maybe a better analogy would be that the LA Dodgers kind of stole the Mets' gf...Mets fans were heartbroken, but from that heartbreak met a new girl that they're happy with. They still keep all of their old pictures of their happy memories with the old gf up (which is kind of weird). Meanwhile, the LA Dodgers have taken all of those memories, including hanging the same pictures up, and acted like it is entirely theirs, by USSR-ing Mets (fans) out of the pictures and adding themselves..

  4. It is almost like the Stadium that Walter O malley wanted for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 50s.
    But he wanted it in Brooklyn and he was going to build a Domed Stadium in the 50s

    The Mets ownership should rename the Stadium after Gil Hodges, It would honor the manager of the 69 Mets and also A Dodger Hero, also they need to have more Mets stuff in there,
    Odd thing is there is little or no New York Giant stuff there and the orange in the mets colors is from the Giants along with The Dodger Blue.

  5. Anonymous6:41 AM

    The most annoying thing is that the METS replaced the Giants not the Dodgers. They took the Giants logo and played in the Polo Grounds. What the hell were the Mets owners thinking? My parents were Giant fans that is why I grew up a Met fan they hated the Dodgers. Why isn't the rotunda filled with memories of the 69 73 86 and 2000 Mets, I walked in and was just shocked.
    Astoria QMAN

    1. The Mets replaced the Dodgers - Robert Moses wanted to move the Dodgers to Queens, to the site of the building of the Worlds Fair. The Mets logo, as well as the orange in the uniform do pay homage to the Giants. However, the blue and remainder of the uniform is that of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

  6. They played in the Polo Grounds while Shea was being built - there was no other stadium for them to play at. My father was a huge Dodger fan, even being from the Bronx - he remained a Mets fan until he passed. You can't assume that any team that played in Manhattan would EVER replace ANY team from the outer-boroughs.