Monday, July 06, 2009

Hey Mets! Nice sense of urgency

Last Tuesday I wrote a post that basically said the Mets aren't winning it in 2009 so don't bother making a trade.

I often get a lot of traffic from Mets fans so I was expecting a lot of hits.

I got a lot of hits.

I was expecting some comments and some private e mails.

I got them.

I was expecting them to be insulting and cursing me out and informing me that the Mets were only 2 games out with half the season to play.

I was wrong.

EVERY SINGLE comment and e mail I got was agreeing with me, that the Mets were dead in the water. Some actually insisted that I was too light on the Mets.

You can't accuse Mets fans of being overly optimistic I guess!

And you also can't accuse the Mets of panicking. You CAN accuse them of phoning it in!

Seriously, when you are stumbling to stay at .500 and are going to play your chief rival... the one that you blew the division to the past 2 seasons... the one you NEED to play well against in head to head match ups... you should do better than 3 runs.

They scored 3 runs against the Phillies. Not per game, that would be sad enough. TOTAL!

They are now 4-6 against the Phillies. Gee Whiz, I wonder if THAT will come back to haunt them.

Oh yeah, they start tomorrow against the Dodgers who now have Manny back. Tomorrow will be the official halfway point of the season for the Mets and they have clinched a losing record for their first 82 games.

Somewhere Willie Randolph is laughing his butt off!

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  1. Nutball Gazette latest Blog

    How bad is the 2009 Mets??

    I have watched the 2009 Mets and I am stunned on how bad they play the game. They make the Bad News Bears (before they started playing good) look fundamentally sound.

    So the Question is ("How Many Games would The 2009 Mets win vs the 1962 Mets"?) if they played 162 games, Remember that the 62 Mets went 40-120 in 1962.

    I have done the research and conclude that the 2009 Mets would be better, They would go 43 wins and 119 losses vs the 62 Mets, But hey 2009 Met Fans, Do not celebrate yet, You have to understand that the 62 Mets youngest player would be Ed Kranepool at 64 Years old, the others would be in their late 60s to late 80's and also many have passed away, so the 62 Mets would only have about 8 pitchers and 10 position players on the roster, So barring injury that would be very tough for the 62 Mets,

    Now if you took the 62 Mets and transported them to Today's age with a full roster they would go 143 wins and 19 losses vs the 2009 Mets,

    Roger Craig would win 40 games

    Frank Thomas would have 58 Home Runs and 150 RBIs.

    Conclusion: The 62 Mets would destroy the 2009 Mets,