Sunday, July 12, 2009

OAKLAND! Go permanent retro on the road

I've always loved the solid green A's uniforms.

I used to have a solid green A's double knit replica uniform when I was in elementary school. I loved it and I wore it often and I wasn't even an A's fan.

My mom thought I was nuts and thought the uni was ugly. I didn't mind.

So when the A's wore their solid green unis on a turn back the clock night in Tampa, it hit me... they should make these the permanent road jerseys.

The team seems reluctant to have them wear OAKLAND across their chests as they try to play San Jose and Fremont off of each other for a new park... so why not summon the spirit of Charlie O and bring back these duds!

Yeah yeah... I seem to have a soft spot for the unis of my youth as evidenced by my pleas to the Blue Jays and the Brewers.


  1. i like them better what they wear now, so agreed

  2. Sully, Coming out of lurkdom/fandom with a factoid regarding the A's jerseys. When the Rays were turning back the clock (to 1998), the A's were obliged to turn back to the same year, for authenticity's sake. Only problem is, the A's road unis in 1998 were the same as they are today. So the A's pulled out their batting-practice jerseys from that era. That's why no names were on the back.

  3. I don't think the Yanks trailing the Red Sox is the fault of Girardi. Changing managers in New York only helps Boston.