Thursday, October 22, 2009

Didn't this guy used to be Joba Chamberlain?

For three seasons the Yankees have handled Joba Chamberlain with kid gloves.

There were Joba rules for Torre in 2007. Basically he was supposed to handle him like a delicate Ming Vase... unless he was covered by midges in a crucial playoff game.

Then there was the grotesque farce that was 2008 where he was a set up man... then a carefully monitored reliever (ironically a reliever who needed relief) and then a starter who was only allowed 3 innings a game (ergo treating the regular season like his own spring training) then a starter... WHO GOT HURT!

Now the foot is down, he's a starter, let's not even talk about it, the controversy is over... until the most important games of the year and he's the 7th inning set up man.

And he has a WHIP of 5.00. That means he would AVERAGE 5 base runners an inning. His ERA is 9.00... yup, a run an inning. And I am not sure of his batting average against, but I have a feeling it would be one that would make a batting champion or two.

If the Angels get to Andy Pettitte in Game 6, would any Yankee fan feel confident seeing Joba come in at this point?

Maybe by year 4 he will be worth something.

I'll say it here. The best thing to ever happen to Joba Chamberlain would be if the Yankees trade him.

Then all of this nonsense would end.

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  1. Myself I will trade him to you for the rights to Calvin Schiraldi.

    Deal or No Deal??