Thursday, October 08, 2009

It's not exactly "Win one for the Gipper"

Win one for Steinbrenner!

That's the rallying cry?

That's the Yankee's answer to winning a game for Brian Piccolo?

In the past the Yankees were inspired by Frank Torre's heart transplant (1996), Darryl Strawberry's cancer (1998), Paul O'Neill and Luis Sojo's dad (1999) and of course all of New York in the wake of September 11 (2001.)

Now it comes down to "Hey, the checks this guy has written have cleared so far... maybe we should win."

I'm not saying it isn't good motivation... just don't expect the rest of us to get choked up that George FINALLY won his 7th title.


  1. "Luke, I am your father"

  2. It sounds like to me that The Boss must be in real bad shape, He may not see another season of Baseball.