Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mets fans... just sit this one out

Seriously... just don't watch the World Series.

There will be no joy in it for you.

Sure I have talked to most of my Met fan friends and the consensus agrees with this Newsday article that most will be rooting for the Phillies over the Yankees.

But there is no way you can be happy with that! Seriously, you do that and suddenly you find yourself watching Jimmy Rollins jumping up and down celebrating back to back titles.

You'll look up and say "What have I done?" just like Alec Guiness in Bridge on the River Kwai when he realizes his efforts helped the enemy.

Trust your friend Sully on this.

After the Aaron Boone game, I decided to NOT watch the 2003 World Series. It was the only World Series since 1979 that I missed!

I knew if I saw the Yankees win, I'd be grumbling "Great! Another Yankee win!"

If I saw the Marlins win I'd say "Why couldn't WE beat them? Are the Marlins that much better?"

So seriously... I am not asking you to take the drastic stance I asked Cleveland fans to take and stop watching sports for the rest of the calendar year.

Just stop watching baseball.

Treat yourself.

Is there a restaurant you always wanted to go to in your neighborhood?
Go tonight.

Have your realized that you've never been to the top of the Empire State Building or to the Statue of Liberty?
Now's the time.

Have you never gone to the Met? The Guggenheim? Ellis Island?

Why not go this weekend? No reason to rush home to see the ballgame?

Do you have a significant other? Take a weekend trip to a place like New Hope... you'll have a peaceful weekend.

OK, maybe not New Hope... too close to Philadelphia... but maybe Connecticut.

Do you have a friend who has been bugging you to go see their jazz band? Or a neighbor who has a bookclub they've asked over and over for you to go to?

Go this weekend!

Plus if you go THIS weekend, they will ask you "Wait, wouldn't you rather be watching the game?"

And you can say "No... I'd rather be here."

And then you NEVER HAVE TO GO AGAIN! Because you will have bought so much good will from them! They'd say "you are such a good friend! You chose me over the World Series!"

And you can remind them of that if they ever invite you again.

Sure it will suck, but how could it suck worse than knowing that either Yankee fans or Phillies fans will be happy?

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