Monday, October 19, 2009

Hey Dodgers... LET'S PICK IT UP!


I know sound a little hypocritical here, especially after I wrote about how I am rooting for the Phillies in this series... but in a series where I have tenuous loyalties at best, I want to see a 7 game series!

After yesterday's 11-0 embarrassment, the last realistic hope for a 7 game series might go right down the cesspool.

(The Angels aren't taking the Yankees to a Game 7 and the Yankees should take care of either National League team without much stress.)

So a Phillies/Dodgers showdown was an impartial observer's best hope for winner take all showdown.

And now it could be a 5 and out slaying. (And with the possibility that BOTH LCS could be over in a few days!)

With Ryan Howard homering in the first inning, it doesn't look good.

So let's go... I didn't root for you initially but I want 7 games!

And it's my blog! I can make requests like that. If it were the Red Sox, I would want a sweep and then laugh at the other team. But not Dodgers/Phillies.

LET'S GO DODGERS (for at least the next few days.)

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  1. Too bad for the Dodgers, but Go Phillies!!!