Saturday, October 17, 2009

I knew this game was over in the first inning

I was preaching the Angels chances of upsetting the Yankees like a mantra.

Mistake free baseball!

That's what the Angels were going to play.

No overrunning the bases like the Twins or abandoning their hitting plan.

No closers refusing to throw strikes.

Mistake free baseball... sound fundamental baseball... it would be as if Tom Emanski himself was defeating the Yankees.

So what happened? In the first inning the right fielder threw to a base where nobody was covering, allowing Johnny Damon to take second.

Then a lazy pop up dropped between two infielders with 2 outs, which would have ended the first inning with only 1 run.

2/3 of a inning into the game and I knew the Angels were toast.

As my friend, the great Fox Sports writer Kevin Hench wrote to me today "teams that spend $426M on free agents AND get lucky can't lose."

Yankee haters around the world need to watch tomorrow. If the Angels don't win, don't even bother watching the rest of the ALCS.

By the way, read Kevin's great column about instant replay. He is dead on (and that DOESN'T need further review.)

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