Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My Kidneys Conspired To Keep Me From Enjoying A Classic Game

Yesterday was a classic classic game.

One of those jaw dropping "I can't believe this is happening" back and forth affairs.

Clutch late inning homers from Cabrera and Ordonez.

Dazzling game saving defense in the 9th... first on the bang bang double play by Cabrera.

Then Inge's diving stop in the 9th inning.

Leads exchanged... potential division winning runs thrown out at the plate... rookies coming in wiggling out of bases loaded jams.

It's the kind of game that the MLB network will be running on a loop for generations.

And how did I enjoy it?

In pain!

Driving in my car in agony, listening on the radio but not able to enjoy it.

I had a kidney stone on the move and for those of you who have had one... they are NOT pretty.

I soaked in the bath tub and took pain killers. A few hours later I passed it... but missed the game winning rally.

As with all kidney stones, I went from "Oh My God Just Put A Bullet In ME!" pain to "Eh, that's not so bad" in about 2 nanoseconds.

And all the while I thought "If there are ANY left in there, you are NOT MOVING during the Red Sox series!"

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