Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm confused

Didn't the Yankees already clinch the AL Pennant?

Listening to the radio today and hearing about how the Phillies wouldn't match up well with the Yankees.

Maybe they won't have to.

Look, there's still is a lot of work to be done for the Angels, but this series has already had 3 terrific games... if it goes to a Game 7, then it might be a classic.

And if it goes to a Game 7, Phillies fans should be going nuts because that would mean Sabathia wouldn't be able to go in Game 1 and have 3 starts in the World Series even if the Yankees win.

Now is it possible for the Angels to win a Game 6?

All I know is they will be playing lots of clips of the 2004 ALCS... which is always fine by me.


Paul Sullivan (aka Sully) | MySpace Video


  1. Thanks for posting this. REally I saw game 4 then I had 4X Bypass surgery during game 5 and I do not remember seeing games 6 and 7. So I guess they did not happen and the Sox did not win in 2004.
    Yaeh that is it, since I did not see it it did not happen.

    Huh, Not buying into that one, huh.
    Really If I was a Sox fan the way You won it was the best way ever to win a a Tittle.
    no One can ever take it away from you and Sox fans.

  2. Thanks for posting the clip from "Reverse of the Curse of the Bambino" Sully. A great clip that will forever bring tears to my eyes.

    Something to show the grandkids one day, Sully. And I know you will.